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Spikedomson is a talented(?) music composer, as well as one of my very good friends. He’s got his own wordpress blog, which I will link lower in the page. He usually posts funny stuff and awesome art he finds. He might even link drawings from me too! No? Aww…

Link, he comes to town, comes to save, the princess Zeeeelda!


2 responses to “Spikedomson

  1. spikedomson March 22, 2012 at 1:52 PM

    Heh, I probably will link some of your drawings over on my page, don’t worry.I love your work, so yeah, wouldn’t make sense NOT to post some of the stuff! Good luck with your things.
    P.S. THERE’S A THING CALLED SPELLCHECK YA KNOW!? *Hint hint, nudge nudge*

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