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Good news! I finaly received the gadget that allows my computer to read cd’s! But guess WHAT? The wacom pas does not react the way i expected, so a few nights of figurin’ things out should be enough, and you guys will finally see my artwork! Yay.

Programgamer away!


Yay and not yay.

Hey, guess what guys? My new computer has arrived! This would normaly be great news IF the computer did’nt have a teeny, tiny flaw. Nothing special or anything, its just that it cannot read cd’s on its own! It needs a little gadget that reads them for the computer itself. So this means no artwork before a while, since my graphic tablet needs most of the programs on the cd that comes with it. And none of the new game i bought either! Things should be alright pretty soon, but untill then, you will have to wait.

Programgamer away!

P.S. I still got the chance to play other games, and I gota say that this baby runs pretty fast! It’s just patience from now on.

Me lucky! (and learning too)

You know what? I might be the most lucky person in the world right now! why? beacause I recently got a wacom pad, AND I got an alienware computer! Its suposed to arrive the 20th of march, so as soon as it gets here i will be able to draw stuff on my computer and upload it here!  *Flutteryay!*

Also, I am trying to type correctly, as in typing with hands on the keyboard, and not typing with two fingers hitting keys everywhere. Its kinda slow right now, but at least I know by heart where the back space ley  key is…

So yeah, thats pretty much it for now. Goodbye!


P.S. I realy want to change my header, that computer better not be late…

My first post

Hey everyboy and everygirl, this is Programgamer speaking. this is my first blog post, so i will explain just what this thing is about.

1. Drawings. I love to draw and will post a drawing every now and then. Maybe robots or Zelda fan art, stuff like that.

2. Programming. im a small time programmer, nothing special or anything. I know a bit of game maker, blender game engine and I am learning c++ right now. I also have an online course to learn flash at school this semester.

3. Gaming. Maybe in the near future I will do lets plays of some games I like, like Skyrim or Minecraft (i mean who doesnt like those two games?).

Thats pretty much it for now, see ya all in the next post!

Ze Grand programgamer

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