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Early look at (yet another) game I am working on

Hey, it’s me again!

It’s been a while since I last posted anything here. I know I tend to forget the projects I start, but I hope this time will be different, because I think I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do this time. I have a clear idea of what I want the game to look like when it’s done, and that sense of direction has driven me to make quite a bit more progress on this than on any other projects I’ve started. I’ll also make a point to post at least weekly about the progress of the game, even if I have nothing done since last time, and even if I have to do a bit of shady stuff to get access to a computer.

So first thing first, the idea of what the game is. It’s a pretty simple platformer with a clever twist. Now, some people are gonna be like “oh, you just called yourself clever, what a self-centered prick”. Well, yes, I just called myself clever, ’cause I am. Anyways, the clever twist to the game is that you control your weapons in a twin-stick shooter kind of way, where you use the numpad as a kind of eight directional aiming contraption. The idea came to me when I was playing MegaMan X, and I thought to myself that it would be nice to be able to shoot left while going right, and vice-versa. After a bit of messing around with the idea in my head, I figured the best way to implement the idea would be to make the player’s weapon independent of the direction that the player is facing. And the numpad was really the only way to do this, so I started implementing a basic draft of the game in Game Maker, and the result seems pretty cool. I don’t have a video to show, but I have screenshots, even if that shows nothing gameplay-wise. You have two weapons so far, the sword and the gun, and you can beat enemies, take damage, die, jump around and change your weapons. Here are the aforementioned screenshots:




Anyways, I hope this little teaser excites you, cause there’s more to this coming in the future! Like a video maybe? You’ll just have to wait and see.



My 32×32 game #lowrezjam

*Walks out of his cave after a long slumber*

Uh… what year is it? 2014? I can still snooze for a while.

Hello dear loyal readers,

again, I failed to update this floating piece of computer memory that is my blog. Why? Because of lazy. Yes, lazy. I’m so lazy at taking care of my blog that laziness has taken human form and I refer to him using the third person.

All that nonsense about me and my inner workings aside though, I decided to, yet again, take on a game project. It’s for the #lowrezjam and it’s going to be in an up-scaled resolution of 32 by 32 pixels. Because that is the rule of the jam. I think this is actually a pretty good theme, and the game I started making in Game Maker looks kind of nice! My mom even tested it, and she never even plays video games! She said it was pretty good, even though there were problems with the satisfaction in defeating enemies. This was noted on my non-existing checklist that should probably exist somewhere.

I intend to post a YouTube video in the next few days (this weekend) and another blog post to show some screenshots and development tidbits about the work in progress. Maybe I’ll even make an alpha build if I judge it to have enough stuff working. So far you can only move around, swing your sword and defeat basic enemies. When it will be done, there is going to be so many features that you will not be able to handle it. Be prepared. Bye!

ProgramGamer, trying to live up to his name.

Developpement update on a game I’m making

Hello dear loyal readers,

I realize I haven’t updated my blog in, like, forever, but I have a very good excuse. I was busy doing nothing. What, don’t look at me like that, you wouldn’t have done any better than me and you know it. Anyways, onward to the aforementioned game dev. update.

So, for my history class, we (me and two classmates) are going to be making a game about the government, social issues and the such. No, trust me, it will NOT be boring. You are essentially going to be making the virtual life of everyone super great by solving social issues! Pointless you say? Just look at you playing animal crossing and tell me that again. Alright, now that you bought a burn heal from the Pokémon center, let’s get into the details of how the game will actually play.

The game will be a small RPG where you must help people solve social issues such as discrimination, abuse, racism and religious conflicts. How do you do that? You convince the government to help you do it! By debating the issues in a parliament against diverse levels of governmental personalities, you can convince people that things must change and thus they take action and help quickly solve the issues. You can’t just do that all willy nilly though. You must first collect data, facts and polls on how people want things to change. You then present those during the debates at the parliament and if your data is good enough, you win the debate! The social issue is then solved and you can move on to the next problem until everything is okay.

I’ll be posting more about the technical side of things later on in the week, as this project is due in about a week (next monday). Hope this peeked your interest, and I’ll see you later!

Ze grand Programgamer

P.S. Yes, it does look like I’m insecure for ending my posts with egocentric signatures. No I will not change that and yes I am grand and powerful and amazing. Goodbye!

Mutating and competing for probably nothing

Hello everyone!

Last time, I told you about how I was learning how to make games with c++. Now’s my chance to shine! There’s a new competition back on the moosaders forums and I’m taking place in it! The general themes are genetics and computer generated graphics, so I’ll try to figure out something that matches those. I’m more worried about the actual gameplay as it involves several limitations. First, I can’t just make a generic platformer, the restrictions would not allow me to. Then, there’s the time constraint of about one month and a half, maybe not enough for the time I’m allowed to have one the computer. (shut up, I’m still 15!)

So yeah, new compo, probably not gonna finish, but at least this time I will make something playable. This is my goal. If by the end of the month I can’t make a playable demo of my game I actually distribute, wether or not it is fun or it has actual mechanics involved, I will… well, I got nothing. But you should suggest something, I will do one of the requested things if I don’t finish the project in time. Well, that was that for the news invloving programming.

Next up: The new header. Been working on it, will work further on it, will not show you untill I’m done with it, and will contain rainbow ponies. So that’s pretty much it guys. See ya next week maybe, I really dunno… maybe I’ll just forget for a month again. Oh well!

Laterz peepz!


Edit: Surprise! I actually updated! didn’t think I would remember at all! Well, maybe this boat is going the right way after all! Or maybe I’m going in circles. We’ll see.

Programming, digressing and procrastinating.

Hey guys,

last time I told you changes were comming. I kind of lied. I will update my blog more often though, like, at least once a week, and I’ll update you guys on what I’ve been doing for the past eternity since the last blog post, but other than me making myself a new header I will put up in a few days/years, nothing ground breaking is comming.

So, on a happyer note, I’ve been learning how to properly use SDL, a c++ library to make games with sprites and sounds and stuff. I can now make a tic-tac-toe game. YAY!! Sit back down, I’ts really not big of a deal right now, though I’m starting to understand the basic strutures of how to organise a programming project. I intend on making a little platformer once I’m done with the tutorials, and then maybe I’ll start my first real project. By that I mean something I will complete and release to the public with the feeling I acomplished something and that its quality enough that people should play it and have a minimum of fun doing so.

So yeah, new header comming up and I’m in the basics of the basics of making a video game for everyone to enjoy.

Programgamer away (probably for another six months, I really tend to forget to update stuff…)

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