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Monthly Archives: October 2014

The Shellshock threat does not break my windows.

Hey again, not gonna do the whole clever “ha-ha, I’ve been gone for months now” joke. That gets old really quick.

So, there’s this web threat called Shellshock that just popped up, and it’s a lively little devil of an exploit. It basically allows anyone to run any command on any computer running Bash Shell, a Unix and Mac, uh, something. I think it is a program, but it might be a library or something. It might even be both nor neither, so don’t quote me on this. So technically, hackers would be able to command servers into giving them information on users such as passwords, private data and other secret things.

The really ironic thing about this is that Windows is not affected by this major security threat. Why? Because it does not have Bash Shell, the compromised library/program. So, for once in like forever, windows is shielded pretty well against a major security threat. Don’t get me wrong, you could still get your info leaked if the servers of your favorite websites run Unix or Mac (why would anyone run a mac server though), but at least your computer itself is safe from intruders. Somewhat.

Anyways, just spreading awareness of the issue to the three people a month that still check this lost island of the web that I call my blog. Thanks by the way, you guys rock!

-ProgramGamer (with a capital G, so that people don’t call me Programmer. And, yes, that happens surprisingly often.)

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