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My 32×32 game #lowrezjam

*Walks out of his cave after a long slumber*

Uh… what year is it? 2014? I can still snooze for a while.

Hello dear loyal readers,

again, I failed to update this floating piece of computer memory that is my blog. Why? Because of lazy. Yes, lazy. I’m so lazy at taking care of my blog that laziness has taken human form and I refer to him using the third person.

All that nonsense about me and my inner workings aside though, I decided to, yet again, take on a game project. It’s for the #lowrezjam and it’s going to be in an up-scaled resolution of 32 by 32 pixels. Because that is the rule of the jam. I think this is actually a pretty good theme, and the game I started making in Game Maker looks kind of nice! My mom even tested it, and she never even plays video games! She said it was pretty good, even though there were problems with the satisfaction in defeating enemies. This was noted on my non-existing checklist that should probably exist somewhere.

I intend to post a YouTube video in the next few days (this weekend) and another blog post to show some screenshots and development tidbits about the work in progress. Maybe I’ll even make an alpha build if I judge it to have enough stuff working. So far you can only move around, swing your sword and defeat basic enemies. When it will be done, there is going to be so many features that you will not be able to handle it. Be prepared. Bye!

ProgramGamer, trying to live up to his name.


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