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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Mutating and competing for probably nothing

Hello everyone!

Last time, I told you about how I was learning how to make games with c++. Now’s my chance to shine! There’s a new competition back on the moosaders forums and I’m taking place in it! The general themes are genetics and computer generated graphics, so I’ll try to figure out something that matches those. I’m more worried about the actual gameplay as it involves several limitations. First, I can’t just make a generic platformer, the restrictions would not allow me to. Then, there’s the time constraint of about one month and a half, maybe not enough for the time I’m allowed to have one the computer. (shut up, I’m still 15!)

So yeah, new compo, probably not gonna finish, but at least this time I will make something playable. This is my goal. If by the end of the month I can’t make a playable demo of my game I actually distribute, wether or not it is fun or it has actual mechanics involved, I will… well, I got nothing. But you should suggest something, I will do one of the requested things if I don’t finish the project in time. Well, that was that for the news invloving programming.

Next up: The new header. Been working on it, will work further on it, will not show you untill I’m done with it, and will contain rainbow ponies. So that’s pretty much it guys. See ya next week maybe, I really dunno… maybe I’ll just forget for a month again. Oh well!

Laterz peepz!


Edit: Surprise! I actually updated! didn’t think I would remember at all! Well, maybe this boat is going the right way after all! Or maybe I’m going in circles. We’ll see.

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