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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Programming, digressing and procrastinating.

Hey guys,

last time I told you changes were comming. I kind of lied. I will update my blog more often though, like, at least once a week, and I’ll update you guys on what I’ve been doing for the past eternity since the last blog post, but other than me making myself a new header I will put up in a few days/years, nothing ground breaking is comming.

So, on a happyer note, I’ve been learning how to properly use SDL, a c++ library to make games with sprites and sounds and stuff. I can now make a tic-tac-toe game. YAY!! Sit back down, I’ts really not big of a deal right now, though I’m starting to understand the basic strutures of how to organise a programming project. I intend on making a little platformer once I’m done with the tutorials, and then maybe I’ll start my first real project. By that I mean something I will complete and release to the public with the feeling I acomplished something and that its quality enough that people should play it and have a minimum of fun doing so.

So yeah, new header comming up and I’m in the basics of the basics of making a video game for everyone to enjoy.

Programgamer away (probably for another six months, I really tend to forget to update stuff…)

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