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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Console wars (Englis class essay)

Over the years, and ever since the first few consoles were released, gamers always fought for their favourite console. Whether it was for the Nintendo entertainment system, or the Sega Dreamcast, fans always took sides. Now it is time to solve this battle that has been going on for more than 25 years! We will decide, out of three modern consoles, which one is the best overall gaming platform! Let’s get the facts going.

First, we will present the Xbox 360, which is Microsoft’s console. Let’s remind everyone here, Microsoft is the company behind windows exploitation system, the Microsoft office softwares and is one of the biggest companies in the world. Their console, the Xbox 360, has excellent graphics, the Kinect functionalities, and the most violent games of the gaming market, with the call of duty franchise, the Grand Theft Auto games and gears of wars. Note that the ps3 also has those games.

Secondly, we will talk about the ps3, which is Sony’s home console. It has, like the Xbox 360, very good graphics and the violent games of the industry. However, they did not have any motion capture controls until the release of those weirdly shaped controllers activated by camera motion capture. This console is the one that sells the less copies of the industry.

 Finally, we have the Wii U, a console that still has to be released. It will be compatible with all of the Wii’s controllers, and will have both a new touch pad controller, and graphics comparable to the other console games. It will even feature enhanced versions of previous games enhanced by new features and capacity of the console.

I think this is pretty much it for the essay, but we still have to argue which one of these is the best console of all time. Let’s debate!

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