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Me lucky! (and learning too)

You know what? I might be the most lucky person in the world right now! why? beacause I recently got a wacom pad, AND I got an alienware computer! Its suposed to arrive the 20th of march, so as soon as it gets here i will be able to draw stuff on my computer and upload it here!  *Flutteryay!*

Also, I am trying to type correctly, as in typing with hands on the keyboard, and not typing with two fingers hitting keys everywhere. Its kinda slow right now, but at least I know by heart where the back space ley  key is…

So yeah, thats pretty much it for now. Goodbye!


P.S. I realy want to change my header, that computer better not be late…


One response to “Me lucky! (and learning too)

  1. blogueaqv March 12, 2012 at 8:01 PM

    Sounds great! Congratulations for that new equipment. Can’t wait to see what you’ll soon be posting! Keep up the good work!

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